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     Welcome to the website of the Journal “Security Dialogues”. This journal represents an independent and international academic journal, which covers the broadest conceptual framework of security studies and provides publishing of works of a wider thematic range (from the fields of security, defence, peace, resolving of conflicts, etc.). The journal comes out twice a year and is of international character, with international reviewers.

     The aim of this journal is to serve the purpose of broadening the knowledge of these fields for the scientific and academic circles, as well as for the students of these and such similar disciplines. The relevant fields that are covered deal with the concepts, paradigms, institutions and odds for solving contemporary issues of the theory and practice of defence, security (on several levels), peace and conflicts.

     The topics and content material, which are covered in this scientific journal, refer to the contemporary moment and are in accordance with the rapidly moving events in the international relations, while at the same time being connected to the areas of security, defence and peace. The content is of great importance not only to students, whose studies are focused on such topics, but also to governmental and non-governmental public officials, who have to be in step with the most recent events and theoretical debates connected to security, defence and peace. Hence, the Journal "Security Dialogues" is widely open to the scientific public both in the country and abroad, the public officials, the people of the military and police, as well as the students of the first, second and third cycle of studies at the Institute for Security, Defence and Peace.

     The Journal "Security Dialogues" is searching for works on all the possible aspects of the security, defence and peace phenomena and issues, such as international relations, geopolitical and geostrategic aspects of the different problems, national and regional security issues, military organization, organized forms of crime, terrorism, civil military relations, civil defence, arms control, resolving of conflicts, peace operations, etc.

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