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Associate Professor, PhD, Miodrag LABOVIC,
Faculty of Security-Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


Institutionalized type of organized crime is the most perfidious type in the context
of general concept of a system corrupted foreign policy, continually led by the most
powerful countries in the world to achieve geo-strategic (geo-economic, geo-political and
military) long-term interests in mega capital. It is about an old practice of imperialism and
today’s ex-territorial neo-colonialism. Novelty is that the author theoretically shaped the
level of organized crime, with scientifically valid arguments. 46 Moreover, in order to
implement such policies, all multilateral political, security and financial organizations, and
even the international courts have been used as instruments. This policy of the most
powerful countries in the world today has a dominant influence on the international
political and economic relations. Ultima ratio of this policy is military intervention, with or
without approval of the UN Security Council, as well as the secret logistics in organizing
civil wars, inter-ethnic conflicts and other various armed riots, state putsch and terrorist
attacks on sovereign states situated thousands miles away from the aggressor country.
Nevertheless, we are witnessing notorious empirical examples from the contemporary
international reality of applied methods of "double criteria" for the very similar occurrences,
harsh interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries whose governments do not
converge with the global politics of the dominant power. It is a blatant violation of
principals of international public law, even its full suspension. To rationalize these attacks,
various excuses are used for alleged prevention of humanitarian disasters, protection of
human rights and freedoms and so on.
Not even the citizens of great power countries aren’t protected from subtle
directed terrorist attacks in whose territory the attacks are conducted, if it is in the interest
to fabricate public opinion in order to undertake farther steps in the context of the general
concept of a systematically corrupted politics. There are indisputable scientific evidences
that by methods of mathematics, physics and chemistry prove that the alleged terrorist
attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York could not be organized without the logistics of
46 About the new typology of organized crime and especially the theoretical new concept, theoretically launched for the first
time, see: Miodrag Labovic & M. Nikolovski, Organised crime and corruption, Faculty of security, Skopje, 2010, pp. 66-97

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