Call for papers vol 9, no. 1, 2018 is open until 30 March 2018


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For writing papers used font StobiSansCn regular (English and Macedonian Support). Papers must to have abstract not more than 300 words. Key words not more than 5. Introduction, main part, conclusion and literature. The paper need to contains from 4000 to 6000 words. This mean that papers can be (prepared according to the given margin) from 10 to 15 pages.

 Preparation of handwriting

In order to facilitet the printing of the magazine „Security Dialogues” papers needs to be submitted in electronic version. Especially note that the pages and attachments (tables, graphs, maps, etc.) should be numbered.

Papers should be written in English language, on the authors recommended title, abstract of papers, presentations and briefing statements to write on English language.

Papers that are not taken in printing will be back to authors with an explanation.

The manuscript should contatin: title, authors, institution, abstract, keywords, introduction, contents of the paper, conclusion and literature.

 Title: Size of fat (Bold) letters, 14 points, StobiSansCn Regular, central, first Macedonian (Cyrillic support), and then the English language (the abstract in English). Title of the paper need be short, but to give a faithful reflection of content and preferably contain as many keywords covered filed.




Authors: name, institution, e-mail address, small fatty (Bold) letters, 11 points StobiSansCn Regular (cyrillic support) or English language, centrally. 

Example: Name Surname, Faculty of Philosophy – Institute of Security, defence and peace This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Abstract: The first of the Macedonian language, 11 points, StobiSansCn Regular (Cyrillic support), and then the English language, 11 points, StobiSansCn Regular, single spaced. The content of the abstract should be an essential and independent entity.

 Keywords: up to 5 words, 11 points, StobiSansCn Regular, single spaced, in Macedonian (Cyrillic support) and English.

 Introduction: 11 points, StobiSansCn Regular, single spaced. The introduction should briefly indicate only the most important of the former research related rework issue and then explain the purpose and importance of work-study.

 Contents of the paper: 11 points, StobiSansCn Regular, single spaced. The contents of the paper should cover theoretical foundations, experimental part and the results that have occurred.

 Conclusion: 11 points, StobiSansCn Regular, single spaced. The conclusion should be a brief summary of the paper, and include the results that occurred in the survey.

 References: 11 points, StobiSansCn Regular, quoted according to the instructions given below. The literature stated in a separate chapter in which is entered only bibliographic units that are used in the paper.

Books and monographs are cited as follows:

Surname, initials (year) Title. Place of publication: Publisher.


  1. Dalby, S. (2002) Environmental Security. Minneapolis: University of Minesota Press.
  2. Pickering K. Owen L. (2006) An introduction to Global Environmental Issues. London: Routledge.
  3. Nixon C.S. et. al. (2000) Sustainable use of Europe’s Water? State, Prospects and Issues. Luxemburg: European Environment Agency.

Journals are cited as follows: 

Surname, initials. (year) "Title of article", name of journal in which it is published. Volume, number, pages. 

Example: Homer-Dixon T. (1991) "On The Threshold: Environmental Changes as Causes of Acute Conflict" in: International Security. Vol.16, No.2.p.p. 

Papers presented in the proceedings of various meetings are quoted as follows:

Surname, initials (year) "Title of paper". In: Title of collection. Place of publication: publisher, pages. 

Example: Goldstone J.A. (2001) "Demography, Environment and Security: An Overview". In: Demography and National Security.New York,Oxford: Berghahn.p.p.

If there are multiple authors, Proceedings quotation is as follows:

Surname, initials (eds.) Title of collection. Place of publication: Publisher.

Example: Lobell D. Burke M. (eds.) (2010) Climate Change and Food Security - Adapting Agriculture to a Warmer World. Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York: Springer.

Sources taken from web sites are quoted as follows:

name of author/editor, initials (year) "Title of article". Title of the magazine. Date of publication, year, number, pages, Internet address (date of the first insights into the text on the website).

 Example: Lynas, M. (2009) "How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room ". Guardian. The 22nd december 2009th (visited on 10.08.2011).

 Master's and doctoral dissertations are cited as follows:

surname, initials (year) Title of the dissertation, Place and institution where master/doctoral dissertation is defended.

 Example: Stevanovska, B. (2011) The Influence of the Regional Environmental Security on Reducing the Vulnerability of the Country and Strengthening the Cross-Border Cooperation.Skopje: Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Security, Defense and Peace Studies.

 Official Publications:

name of publication/organization/institution (year) Title. Place of publication: Publisher.

Example: Government of the Republic of Macedonia. (2003) National Strategy for Integrated Border Management.Skopje: Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

 References in this work: quoted this work are listed in the paper and not in footnotes or endnoti. They are put in brackets, ie surname and year of issuance of the said act. For example: (Avijucki, 2009). In case a specific citation reads another page and, for example: (Avijucki, 2009: 112). Each note is stated as the first time. In case you cite two or more authors, it is done as follows: (Agnew and Corbridge, 1995) or if multiple authors are cited first author (Agnew and Associates, 1995). If used more literature on a published author in the same year then the year despite being added: a, b, c ... (Surname, 2012a, 2012b). Any reference used must be specified in the inventory of used literature.

Tables, graphs, maps and other items are numbered with Arabic numbers. Example: Table 1, Figure 1, Map 1 and so on.

 Margins: B5 format with margins 17 cm to 24 cm (6.69 "x 9.45"), Header: 1.25 cm. (0.49 ") and Footer: 1.25 cm (0.49")

Papers are prepared on site with the following workspace:

Page Layout – Margins – Custom Margins

Values in cm

Values in inches

top: 1.7 cm.

Top:  0.67

Bottom: 2.2 cm.

Botoom: 0.87

left: 1.7 cm.

Left: 0.67 

right: 1.7 cm.

Right: 0.67

Gutter:               0 см.



Applied manuscripts Editorial Board sent to reviewers. Reviewers and authors remain anonymous. Reviewed papers, together with any observations and opinions of the Editorial Board will be submitted to the authors. They are obliged, most within 10 days to make the necessary corrections.

Category of labor determines the Editorial Board based on the opinions of reviewers.

Paper submitted by the above propositions and electronic version of the official e-mail magazine "Security Dialogue".

Deadlines for sending papers: 30.04 and 31.09 in the current year at the following address:


Editor in Chief:

Assistant professor Tanja


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