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Editorial & Publishing Policies

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     In the framework of the journal, all the works from the field of security, defence and peace are placed together in the section titled "articles". In this section, original scientific works, review scientific works and short scientific articles are published.

  1. The original scientific article is just the first publishing of the original research results in such a form that the research can be repeated, and the facts that have been brought can be tested. Following the rule, it is organized by the IMRAD pattern (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion) for experimental research or in a descriptive way for descriptive scientific areas. The original scientific articles have to be published in a scientific journal with a reviewing system of acceptance of articles and be reviewed. The reviewing system has to be visible according to the instructions for authors.
  2. Review scientific works are a review of the newest works on a specific subject field, works by a researcher or a group of researchers, with the aim of sublimating, analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing the information already published. It brings about new syntheses, which also include the results of the author's own research. The review scientific article has to be published in a scientific journal with a reviewing system of acceptance of articles and be reviewed. The reviewing system has to be visible according to the instructions for authors.
  3. The short scientific work is an original scientific article, which might omit some of the elements of the IMRAD pattern (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion). In short, it sublimates the results of the final original research work or the work that is still in process. The mini reviews and previous publishing also have their place, but only if they are significant as a short scientific work.

     In the second section titled "scientific articles, reviews and interviews", whole thematic units shaped in the form of reviews, scientific works and interviews are put together.

  1. The scientific article is a review of (something) already familiar, with emphasis on the application of the results of the original research and broadening of the knowledge, while the "weight" of the text is adjusted according to the needs of the users and readers of the academic or scientific journal it is published in.
  2. The review presents the opinion of an academic and scientific work, especially in terms of its quality.
  3. The interview presents a relevant academic or scientific conversation intended for the public. Primary authorship belongs to the interviewed person, if the quotes from their answers cover a larger part of the published text. On the contrary, the interviewed person is treated as a secondary author.

     In the third section, certain documents are published, such as: conclusions from a current summit of NATO, the EU or another international organization or a national strategic document, etc.



     The journal is publishing in English language. This provides promotion of the journal itself and of the authors themselves, which will create the possibility of publishing works from interested authors outside the borders of the Republic of Macedonia.


    The views of the authors in the journal belong to them only, and not to the editors. Texts that the reviewers will prove to contain hate speech or are insulting to specific people or groups of people, will not be published. In addition, the works in English must be previously proofread, and this is the obligation of the author.


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