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Following the end of the Cold war, a period of „rule breaking and rule making”
has emerged. Its nature is contradictory, exlusionary, based on the power
division. The powerfull are rule makers, determining the scope of their relevancy
(self-exclusion) and the form of implementation. The justification, given
for the „rule breaking and rule making” is the moral imperativ and the vacuum
created by limited relevance of the state-centric international law that
can not address the problems that have come about as the result of the
transformation of sovereignty, emergence of new non-state actors in the era
of globalization. However, what is emerging is not a new normative order. The
dramatic inequalities of states and their sovereign powers are perpetuated,
the criteria of arbitrariness in the use of force is extended and the notion of
protecting human rights is instrumentalized for geopolitical interests. In order
for „moral dependency” to become a force of cosmopolitism, coherent critical
reflection is required, as well as systematic and uwavering efforts invested
into the strengthening of democracy and rule of law at the global level,
decisive affirmation of the spirit of cooperation and non-violent conflict resolution
and the development of effective instruments of transcending the new
exclusionary practices generated by the old/new world.
Key words: globalization, normative order, cosmopolitism, human rights,
humanitarian interventions, neoliberalism, democracy.


Крајот на Студената војна беше проследен со период на ,,кршење на
правилата и создавање нови правила“. Неговата природа е противречна,
ексклузивистичка и заснована на поделба на моќта. Моќните се креатори
на правилата, со што го детерминираат и опсегот на нивна примена (само-
изземање) и начинот на нивна имплементација. Оправдувањето што се
нуди за ваквото ,,кршење на правилата и создавањето нови правила“ се

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