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The idea of economic security is placed into a debate about the nature of the
relationship between political structure of international (in) order and economic structure of
the world market. The main contradiction of the relationship creates differing views about
which has primacy in this relationship: the state and society or the market, and whether
individual economic actors may be entitled to the protection of the functioning of the
market The global financial crisis is inevitable economic and security implications for NATO
and its Member States. Two priorities are especially important for NATO-reducing defense
costs and legal extracting lessons from the crisis. The economic crisis has replaced
terrorism as the primary security concern in the near future. "The crisis frightening
resembles to the terrorist attack. In order to destabilize the country, the terrorists typically
use a limited destruction of lives and property as you would a massive economic and social
costs. Jeopardizing the basic financial or physical infrastructure (e.g. transport, energy,
communications links) January terrorists force the Government and people of defensive
action. The frightened consumers are withdrawn from the market stopping the economic
growth and giving thus contributing to unemployment and political instability.
Otherwise the first moment when the idea Macedonia to join NATO appeared, public
debate was focused on political and military aspects of the issue. In addition to political and
security, joining the most powerful political-military alliance of the Republic of Macedonia
will bring many economic benefits especially in the ‘посттрецисски’ period include the
Republic of Macedonia.
Membership of NATO alliance countries that joined the union brought this expansion of
foreign investments and in some countries, they tripled. This paper examines the economic
dimensions of future membership of Macedonia and other countries of Southeastern Europe
in NATO. He is scheduled to make proposals that would guidelines presented a plan for
future action in connection with NATO enlargement: how to be supported by the business
and be used for general benefit of business environments and society as a whole. Set the
basic aspects of the economic dimension of enlargement of NATO in Southeast Europe: The
link between security and safety and trade union amid economic crisis; economic role of

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