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terrorism can be used by agents as chemical weapons, bio-toxins and radiological materials.1

In the overall arsenal of weapons used in military and other purposes, particularly negative impact on the environment comes from weapons or depleted uranium ammunition.
This type of uranium is used because of its high strength, used for making bullets able to penetrate through metal armors and concrete slabs. Americans experimented with depleted uranium almost four decades, and began to use it in the late seventies of the twentieth century. It is assumed that at least 14 countries in the world possess depleted uranium weapons. Such weapons are used in military intervention in Kosovo and Afghanistan (Mileski, 2011: 145).
Negative impacts of depleted uranium weapons have been a subject of interest of several research studies. Such studies have been conducted by research centers in the
United States after the first Gulf War. As a result of these researches it was found that depleted uranium affects the environment and the population. Negative influence arises through development of tumors, immune system damage, respiratory diseases, genetic mutations, malformations and infertility. Regarding the fact that uranium oxide is transferred in the atmosphere by aerosols, effects of radiation can be felt even after two decades. Many years after uranium oxide particles remain bound in water and air, which is confirmed by the suffering of the population of Iraq, or more specifically in Basra and Baghdad, and U.S. Gulf War veterans.
The affect of this type of weapon on the environment is realized as water and underground water pollution; contamination of plant roots and their fruits, milk and meat;
air contamination; disruption of the ozone layer and the like.
Depleted uranium ammunition, unfortunately, becomes a part of the standard conventional weapon which finds its use in military conflicts and interventions of local and
regional hot spots around the world. This ammunition was used in all 1991 interventions when the new military doctrine North-Atlantic Alliance with the official title”Air-land battle” was officially accepted. In order to protect its military forces, appropriate security measures are applied, so the members of the U.S. military wear protective clothing, protective mask, 

1 Perhaps the best-known perpetrators of terrorist attacks are members of the Japanese cult Aum Shinrijo that in the period from 1994 to 2001 have realized 7 attacks with chemical, biological, radiological and other weapons.

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