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стопански, научни, културни, спортски и други врски помеѓу дијаспората и Р.Македонија, очигледно е потребно, навремена и континуирана соработка и координација од најодговорните на овој план и тоа: Министерството за внатрешни работи, Министерство за надворешни работи, Министерството за труд и социјална политика, Министерство за образование и наука, Министерство за култура, Агенција за иселеништво, Државен завод за статистика, и други тела кои го допираат прашањето со дијаспората.
Клучни зборови: Институции, миграции, дијаспора, иселеништво, иселеници.

Independence of the Republic of Macedonia has opened new processes in self-organization of the Ma edonians throughout the world. In accordance with the Article 49 from the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, and considering the complexity and specific weight of the emigration issues, Republic of Macedonia, as all the other states, attends to its emigration throughout the world and the Macedonian people in the neighboring countries. Thus, there emerges the obligation for creating and establishing appropriate institutions, bodies and instruments through which, the Republic of Macedonia as an independent and sovereign country, will carry out communication and ensure every day contacts with its numerous emigration throughout the world. The Candidate status for joining the EU acquired in December 2005,
triggered significant actions regarding diaspora mainly of legal nature. Of significant importance was defining the term diaspora by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “as a
concept that encompasses Macedonian national minority and emigrants (former Macedonian citizens), as well as all citizens of Macedonia who reside and work abroad, regardless of the duration of their stay and ethnic Macedonians who have never had Macedonian nationality.”33
Diaspora is of great importance and has a number of potentials which can contribute to the development and peace in the Republic of Macedonia, defined as socio-economic development and peace and as democratic-political development and peace (Nikoloski, 2010). In order to utilize those potentials as well as preserve national and cultural identity, protect the rights of emigrants, ensure carrying out the legal rights and

33 15/12/2012

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