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obligations abroad by providing consular and other services, promote commercial, scientific, cultural, sports and other links between diaspora and the Republic of Macedonia, an obvious need arises for timely and continuous cooperation and coordination of the most accountable in this area, and that is: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture, Emigration Agency, and State Statistical Office. Furthermore, if need emerges for institutional upgrading, the country should also undertake those steps solely in the interests of the Republic of Macedonia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays the main role in carrying out migration policy, which also incorporates the diaspora policy of the Republic of Macedonia. In general, it deals with visa policy, among other things, as well as general entrance and exit of migrants.
Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there is an individual Directorate for Consular Affairs, which in cooperation with the Sector for Pursuing National Priorities, follows the activities of the Government, Parliament and their bodies, which refer to execution of the already established national priorities of the Republic of Macedonia. Furthermore, it deals with planning measures and activities including diaspora, cooperation with specialized non-governmental associations, research centers, academic and scientific institutes, as well as political consultancy houses which had been contracted for writing scientific papers, studies, theses, expert opinions, evaluation of political problems and public opinion which would serve for structuring the foreign policy of the Republic of Macedonia in terms of priorities. The area of national priorities also encompasses Macedonian diaspora and in that direction the Sector for National Priorities caters for the situation and rights of Macedonian people who, as national minority, live in other countries, promotes links and cooperation with Macedonian national minority, takes care of the situation of communities, Macedonian citizens living abroad, maintains, fosters and affirms national and culture-language identity of diaspora by affirming values and achievements of the Republic of Macedonia in the areas where they live, and also aids in organized activities of the diaspora.34

34 11/12/2012

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