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diplomatic-consular offices, for their further distribution to all relevant institutions of the countries they represent.41
What is more, it has been achieved harmonization of legal regulations and by-laws which determine precisely these issues with the following EU regulations:
Common Consular Guidance for visas for diplomatic offices and Consular Services, O  S 310, 19/12/2003 R 0001-0108, with amendments unified version of 27 September 2005; Council Regulation (EC) no. 539/2001 from 15 March 2001, which comprises a list of third countries whose citizens are deduced from such condition, altered with Council Regulation (EC) no. 2414/2001 from 7 December 2001; Council Regulation (EC) no. 453/2003 from 6 March 2003 and Council Regulation (EC) no.
851 from 2 June 2005 with alterations of Regulation (EC) no. 539/2001. (The changes with the last one do not contain the alterations for the list of countries, but
comprise the changes of the so called solidarity mechanism). 

The accessibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic-consular offices abroad towards our emigrants and Macedonian national minorities indicates the readiness of the Republic of Macedonia for active contribution in protection of the interests and rights of its own citizens and emigrants abroad, in the extent that it does not confront with the laws of foreign countries where they live. Furthermore it mirrors the readiness for maximum support and help in preserving their national and cultural identity, education and information in mother tongue, promotes enhancement of contacts and relations with the country of origin and works continuously on promoting commercial, scientific, cultural, informative, sports and other mutual relationships.
As the most characteristic activities that diplomatic-consular offices of the Republic of Macedonia should pay attention to regarding diaspora issues we would emphasize the following: consular services and their efficient realization, cooperation with all Macedonian organizations and organizations of other ethnic communities in the Republic of Macedonia in the diaspora, clubs and other associations aiming at better internal communication and creation of unique

41 Strategic Plan of MFA 2011-2013, Skopje, 2011, p.23, http;//, 11/12/2012

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