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diaspora as well as establishment of efficient organizations and alliances with the possibility for greater influence in both the country of residence and the country of origin with full cooperation; visiting Macedonian diaspora in farther countries (holding consular days), carrying out consular services, carrying out talks and providing necessary information for our citizens; engaging in the enhancement and improvement of education in Macedonian language at all levels of education in the residence country and for that purpose cooperating with relevant authorities in the country of origin; helping in organization and realization of additional lectures in Macedonian language and aiding in preserving connections of diaspora with the country of origin at second, third and every next generation by fostering Macedonian language and culture; making effort for better organization and realization of cultural, sports and all the other manifestations of the Macedonian diaspora aiming at preservation of identity, culture, traditions and customs of the Macedonian people.
Diplomatic-consular offices of the Republic of Macedonia abroad should provide Macedonian diaspora with latest information on the policy of the Republic of Macedonia and the cooperation opportunities with the country of origin in all segments of their interests. Furthermore diaspora should comprehend Macedonia as a partner that would support establishing of their associations and their work, clubs and all the other forms of gathering, a partner that will help them, as much as the possibilities allow, in resolving possible problems better and more efficient, and thus contribute for enhancing the relationship with the motherland. However, despite all the activities it seems that there is still an open question whether there are enough capacities for quality consular services to be offered to our emigrants and people with temporary residence abroad as well as to foreigners who require such services.
Diplomatic-consular offices should have full responsibility to make estimations whether there is a risk of immigration. Due to these reasons there is a need for well-trained personnel in the diplomatic-consular offices, who should be able upon checking requests and applications to detect applicants who want to reside in the country based on false data for the purpose of travel, and so on.42

42 Convention for Schengen Agreement from 14 June 1985, OJ 22.9.00 Common Consular UPATSTVA for Visas for Diplomatic-consular PRETSTAVNISTVA OFFICES, Official Gazette S 310, 19.12.2003 R.0001-0108 with amendments. Unified version 27/9/05.

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