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Regarding harmonizing visa policy, the country gradually harmonizes its foreign policy with the EU policy, having in mind its national interest, and as part of its regional coherence as well. Therefore, it does not mean that the state should try to gain full harmonization with the EU visa policy before joining the EU, if that is not in accordance with its national interests.43
Here are the Schengen visa types accepted by our country:
A (airport transit visa);
B (transit visa);
C (short-term visa 90 days);
D (long-term visa more than 90 days).

Emigration Agency with its structure also plays an important role in executing the policy towards diaspora and as such responds to the obligations that emerge from its authorities prescribed by the Law on Organization and Work of the Organs of State Government (Article 31) and Conclusions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia passed on 5.09.2006.
The execution of obligations the Emigration Agency conducts according to its organizational structure in two sectors, namely:
- Sector for Legal, Economic and Common Affairs which comprises the
Department for Legal and Common Affairs and the Department for Economic Affairs and Reintegration. Its main task is specialized processing of legal regulations and by-laws of Macedonia and familiarization of the emigrants with them, providing information for the emigrants regarding economic affairs in Macedonia with an opportunity for their involvement in the economic flows in the country, and information regarding their registration as well as direction to relevant institutions in the country;

43 Article 2 point 2 from the Schengen Agreement: “Where public policy or national security so require, however, a Contracting Party may, after consulting the other Contracting Parties, decide that for a limited period national border checks appropriate to the situation will be carried out at internal borders. If public policy or national
security require immediate action, the Contracting Party concerned shall take the necessary measures and shall inform the other Contracting Parties thereof at the earliest opportunity.”

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