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- Sector for Maintaining and Promoting the Relationships with the Emigration which comprises Department for Communication and Operative Cooperation with Emigration, Department for Providing Information, and Department for Cultural Development of Emigrants. This sector has a task to maintain regular contacts with emigration organizations and individual emigrants, to inform them electronically and via other media, issue books and brochures which are important for the emigrants, to include emigrants in the public and cultural life in Macedonia, to aid their cultural development in their countries of residence and enrich libraries of the emigration organizations.
The Strategic Plan represents a foundation for carrying out the common and immediate goals of the Emigration Agency. Therefore, the Agency executes its activities based on the Program for Work with an established priority of realization.
It includes five groups of activities, namely:
1. Reintegration of emigrants from Macedonia;
2. Inducing cultural development of emigrants;
3. Promotion of the situation and rights of emigrants from Macedonia;
4. Informing emigrants regarding the situation in the Republic of Macedonia;
5. Promotion of the relationships with emigrants from Macedonia.
As target groups towards which the Emigration Agency directs its activities, and which comprise the Agency’s strategic plan, especially the activities regarding reintegration of emigrants from Macedonia and inducing cultural development of emigrants and in accordance with the strategic determination of the Republic of Macedonia, are the businessmen from the Macedonian diaspora and the youngest generation of emigrants from Macedonia.
Emigration Agency closely cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also helps in unifying the Macedonian diaspora, raising awareness for current Macedonian issues in different communities throughout the world.44

Ministry of the Interior has a key role in the area of managing migration, and basically it deals with the issues regarding control and overseeing the state border, as well as migrations which it controls through the activity of the Sector for

44 11/12/2012

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