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terrorist operation that was launched that early. Its target was to detect and dissuade terrorist activities in the Mediterranean region.
In March 2003, Active Endeavour was expanded to include providing escorts to non-military ships from Alliance member states requesting them.
Thus 10,000 merchant ships were hailed and 155 ships being identified as suspicious were subsequently inspected, thanks to a naval task force. The whole
Mediterranean region therefore benefits from enhanced security- all the more so since members of the Mediterranean Dialogue also cooperate to Active Endeavour.
Another example is Operation Ocean Shield, launched in August 2009 and aiming at deterring piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the Horn of Africa (Opérations de lutte contre la piraterie, 2011). Yet that example is only distantly related to our topic. The common point is the NATO intervention off Yemen and Somalia, two countries that have been undermined by Jihadists movements- the Shebab in Somalia and Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen. The purpose of the operation is not to watch Salafist activists though.

Strategically, NATO goes well beyond a security coalition of its own members. The Alliance is also a community of Euro-Atlantic states and a hub for cooperation with other
states, among which those who experienced the «Arab Spring». Such, NATO is a major security factor for all of these countries.

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