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organizational, legal and technical capacities to deal with this kind of threat is only a part of the efforts invested in this direction. In the same time, keeping pace with the active international partnership and cooperation in the global coalition against terrorism for what we consistently receive accolades from our partners in the EU and NATO.
The worldview of that kind being further argued, with our clearly expressed political will and determination, remains one of those most important national or state priorities, being in the interests of the Macedonian integration aspirations, but more importantly, in the interests of all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.
The armed group that was stationed in Brodec and horrifying massacre at Smilkovci Lake presented us closely the ugly face of terrorism in our yard. We showed that
we can respond appropriately in a situation when we are attacked with the actions "Mountain Storm" and "Monster" We neither dare, nor want to withdraw from the defense of the democratic values determined by the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and I think that these discussions and analyzes of terrorism on academic level will provide us a better understanding of the phenomenon, greater efficiency in the fight against it, which will enable our citizens to live in a free, safe and legal state.

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