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MA Gordana Jankuloska
Minister of Internal Affairs

At the very beginning of this lecture, let me first express my gratitude for the invitation and the honor that I was given - to speak in front of this, personally, for me, a significant audience of future academics. The subject, because of which we are here today, of course, is one of the globally exploited subjects of public and institutional debates, of theoretical and practical observation, especially in the last two decades.
The phenomenon of terrorism has emerged in the focus of interest of the broader public, societies and the social systems, mostly because of two main reasons:
In the first place, here is the global establishment of terrorism as a "tool" in the intentions for achieving the alleged mainly political, ethnic, or religious rights;
Secondly, due to the undeniable fact that violence as an exclusive instrument of terrorism, with its destructive capacities sets further limits of action and consequently the
threatening effects became greater from its use; Thirdly, and no less important - the target towards which terrorism moves to reach its true goals is extended, that is, so to say "defocused" from the previous targets-political figures and institutions etc. Now terrorism is primarily directed towards the citizenry, that they are no longer just collateral damage but a direct victim;
And finally, the fourth - the terrorist organization itself is evidently upgraded on operational, tactical and strategic level, so societies, or international communities now do
not have to deal with the so called - ideological desperados, but with excellently organized, financially and technologically equipped groups in whose network, as a further complication, intertwine interests of other groups, organizations, and countries, and can often use terrorism as a curtain behind which they realize their goals.

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