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national intolerance citizens, constitute the basic reasons for the migration of its citizens. Considering the offered, in this paper is generated attempt to better understanding of the issues associated with those forms of illegal and forced migrations that at this point in the Republic of Macedonia can be found.


Migrations are complex demographic variables and they may manifest as a permanent process when people constantly, for a longer period move in one, or from one country to another, or as a mass exodus that is, when for a short period of time large populations move in within one or outside that country. About migrations, there are a number of definitions, but given their complexity, does not exist a single and generally accepted one that would have contained all their elements and features.
Term migration comes from the latin word - migratio meaning moving or relocation, and essentially represent any change in the place of residence of individuals or small and larger groups of people. In other words, the term migration means any geographical displacement of the population and the establishing of a new temporary or permanent residence. They even can be defined as permanently changing people's place of residence, its relocation due to realization and meet different kind of activities or interests (Talevski, 2004). On the other hand, if you take into consideration the normative aspect of this phenomenon (especially important for this paper), it is quite certain that the migration of people would be define as a movement of people in one or from one country to another, and this movement (migration) may be voluntary or involuntary, that is can be legal (lawful) or illegal (unlawfully).
Due to the impact of a number of different factors, migrations represent very complex multi-factorial social processes. In the literature there are a number of attempts to
separate the most important factors. One of them, which define the influence of the factors for migration, is the "gravity model". Analogue to the natural gravitational field, migration as a process is affected by two types of factors (factors that push and factors that attract) that are closely connected with the place or country where population migrate in or out:

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