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By the term "migration of asylum seekers" are represented all migration (legal or illegal) of individuals or groups of people that submit individual applications for asylum in
the country where migrate in order to obtain identical rights as citizens of the country in which they migrate.
In terms of time distance, and given the fact that it is very difficult to follow and record the migration of asylum seekers is best to be considered before and after the facilitating visa regime of the Republic of Macedonia and the European Union. The characteristic period of time before visa facilitation, which recorded massive migration of
entities, asylum seekers is connected to the 2001 conflict in Macedonia. According to UNHCR, which was then the only responsible authority for assistance in the process of
return of refugees and displaced people from the "conflict in 2001", for the period from early 2001 to early 2006, 8599 citizens of Republic of Macedonia sought asylum in other countries (mostly in the European Union countries). As far as the migration of people - asylum seekers after visa facilitation, the European Commission's latest report on Republic of Macedonia note that there is an improvement in terms of the visa-free regime of the Republic of Macedonia and the European Union and there has been a decline in the number of asylum seekers from 7550 in 2010 to 5545 in 2011. However, given the increasing number of migrants - asylum seekers (false asylum seekers) in 2012 (according to official data from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia, in the last nine months of 2012, over 6,500 Macedonian citizens were stopped while trying to leave the country) can easily make certain countries, which recorded the largest number of this type of migrants (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden13 and the Netherlands) to seek review of the visa-free regime of the Republic of Macedonia and the European Union.


"Migration related to smuggling of people" refer to all illegal and forced migration of people in particular (transit) country through its territory, often with the support of the people of that country, migrate to another (final) destination country.

13 In Sweden in 2011, a request for asylum lodged 890 Macedonian citizens, but only 0.4%, which is four people, obtained
permission to stay in this country. For comparison, is worth pointing out the fact that in Sweden 75% of asylum seekers from
Eritrea, as well as 43% of asylum seekers from Iraq were granted residence permits. According to the latest forecast of the
Swedish Institute for Migration, next year the total number of asylum seekers in Sweden could be 50,000, which would be the
highest level since the war in Bosnia 20 years ago.

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